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In Live Your Dreams One Step At A Time Ellen uses her extensive knowledge of NLP, life coaching, personal life experience and her understanding of working with earth energies to help readers move forward. She teams up with crystal guru Olivia Tarn BSYA (Ad. Crys) to bring you this book.

The result is an enlightening and easy to follow self-help guide that introduces their Stepping Stones System. This book was written because so many people have told Ellen and Olivia how much they would love to move forward or make positive changes but didn't know how to start. They are not alone.

We all have dreams but most of us don't know where to start let alone how to take the first step, or which direction to go in.

How come so many of us struggle to get started?

It's identifying an actual starting point that baffles us.
And because we can't figure out where to start what do we do?

We give up. We don't bother trying.
In other words we make do.

But it doesn't have to be like that.
Using this book can help you change your life - if you let it.

It's okay to allow yourself to be happy.

Learn how to build your own stepping stones and enjoy your
personal journey of living your dreams.
Kick start your imagination, work with the law of attraction,
discover the power of vibrational energy, and
deal with that old devil called confidence.

We are all, every one of us, capable of living our dreams, of dancing among the stars. Start right here and right now with the help of this book.

Praise for How To Live Your Dreams

Gabriella White - Linguist, Media Consultant, PR & Language Trainer.
An essential life-changing read.

I am highly impressed with this work - Ellen Dean writes in a clear, concise and practical style that is accessible to people from all backgrounds, no matter what your dreams are, where you are from or what you want to achieve, this book will point you in the right direction and acts as a key reminder that the answers and energies to achieve any goal lie within our very selves. A superb read that helped put me back on track and re-focus on both short- and long-term goals in a very practical away. The book includes exercises to realise your goals, techniques to getting to the depth of your true ambitions and ultimate desires in life, through listing processes, the instructions of which are all clearly set out in the book. Peppered with quotes by the world's most influential people that fit in with the running theme of positive thinking, the book addresses life goals, health, wealth and happiness. A real page-turner and an invaluable resource to literally anyone who wishes to have a successful, healthy, meaningful and prosperous life. Because if you want to, you can and you will!

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