ELLEN DEAN WRITER NLP Practitioner & Feng Shui Consultant
ELLEN DEANWRITER          NLP Practitioner & Feng Shui Consultant 


NLP Appointments Available

via Skype, telephone or one-to-one.

Please email Ellen for details.





C&G Adult Teaching 7306

Regent Accademy of Fine Arts

Feng Shui Diploma



In Feng Shui the Peony supports

love and romance.

Please email Ellen for a consultation.



Ellen is an Award Winning Businesswoman

She enjoys writing fiction and non-fiction and is a highly regarded Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP MASC) Practitioner and a Feng Shui Consultant who works with individuals, home owners, small businesses and some of the world's top business entrepreneurs.

eBook now available for download on all Amazon sites and Smashwords.

This book is a mix of personal experience and self-help suggestions.

It is Ellen Dean's story of how she lived with anxiety and panic attacks for many years due to a vestibular disorder.

Ellen shares how she researched back through her life and found the reasons why she suffered these debilitating symptoms and what she has done to alleviate them. In this book she shares her findings in the hope it may help you or someone close to you.



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