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ELLEN DEANWriter          NLP Practitioner & Life Coach 

One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was  afraid he couldn't do. Henry Ford

What is NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming?


Over the years NLP has been described as a science, a process, a study, a model, a set of procedures, but the most useful way of thinking of it is as a form of applied psychology. Many NLP Practitioners call it a 'User's Manual for the Brain'.


The Neuro part relates to neurology and the ways in which we process information we receive from our five senses - seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting and feelings.


Linguistic relates to the use of language systems - symbolism and metaphor as well as the spoken word - to code, organize and attribute meanings to our internal representations of the world.


Programming is about the way in which our experience is coded, stored and transformed to create habits and programmes - similar to how software runs on our computers.

NLP Life Coaching for Sport

Sport is not just a physical battle - there's also a mental battle,

and that is the one that can be really challenging.


Physical fitness has to be matched by mental fitness.


What is the secret of holding your nerve at a crucial moment?

How do you stay focussed when looking defeat in the face?


Roger Bannister believed he could break the four minute mile barrier.

It was that belief that enabled him to do it. He was in the ZONE.


Self-belief and self-confidence are absolutely essential for success.

If you think you'll win, you will.

If you think you will lose, you will.


NLP helps you to focus.

Visualisation techniques are used to install new behaviour habits at the

neurological level. This can involve recalling and re-assessing

peak experiences in the past, or stepping mentally into the body of a role model. 

The aim is generally to 'programme' the sports person to enter a state of mental flow so that everything happens easily, effortlessly and automatically - in which the unconcious mind takes control and the concious mind avoids sabotaging things.


Everyone can benefit from NLP from nervous beginners who are keen but in need of a little more confidence, so they can enjoy what should be fun,

right through every level to the top professional.








Fun Sport

Car Racing


Free fifteen minute initial consultation to explore how we would work together.


One hour session £100. Distance no object. Ellen works worldwide via Skype and Telephone as well as one-to-one. 


Flexi appointments available but for the best outcome either weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions are recommended. Although, I have worked with people who only needed one session, everyone is different.


Please make initial contact by email: enquiries@ellendean.co.uk

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