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Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.   Henry Ford

What is NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming?


Over the years NLP has been described as a science, a process, a study, a model, a set of procedures, but the most useful way of thinking of it is as a form of applied psychology. Many NLP Practitioners call it a 'User's Manual for the Brain'.


The Neuro part relates to neurology and the ways in which we process information we receive from our five senses - seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting and feelings.


Linguistic relates to the use of language systems - symbolism and metaphor as well as the spoken word - to code, organize and attribute meanings to our internal representations of the world.


Programming is about the way in which our experience is coded, stored and transformed to create habits and programmes - similar to how software runs on our computers.




Understanding how people operate is an important aspect of NLP. Firstly a goal is something you always want where NLP focusses on an outcome because it is a result you

get. You state the outcome in positive terms, being as specific as possible, and making sure

the outcome is ecologically possible, and making sure

the outcome is sound

i.e. if you had it would you want it?


Utilising NLP techniques can help motivate you and your staff. It can help you to remain

calm and focussed during critical negotiations. And help you use your body language with

greater effect to give you a stronger presence.

Keep Your Finger On The Button

Hold The Key

To Your Success


Your Workforce

Check Your Body Language

Use Social Networking Wisely

Be Nice To Your Competitors


Free fifteen minute initial consultation to explore how we would work together.


One hour individual session £100. Distance no object. Ellen works worldwide via Skype and Telephone as well as one-to-one.


Flexi appointments available but for the best outcome either weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions are recommended.


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Please note: If you are a business, please contact me to discuss your requirements and the relevant fees. Thank you.


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